Cleaning It Up

In the wake of all the holiday goodies that have been consumed, the beginning of the year is a common time for us to re-evaluate our dietary choices. There are so many opinions as to what is the best way to reset our diet, but as with most health practices, there is never a “one size fits all” answer to cleaning it up. Each person has their own needs and concerns that should be considered when chooseing a cleansing diet. Medications, activity levels and health conditions are just some examples of things that can effect how we process food and nutrients and should be taken into consideration when starting a cleansing diet.

There are a few dietary changes that all of us can benefit from and are safe for everyone as we aim to “clean-up” our food choices. The following is a list of guidelines that may work as a starting point:

  1. Avoid processed sugar
  2. Avoid alcohol
  3. Avoid processed carbohydrates
  4. Eat more whole foods (any item that comes in a package should have less than 5 ingredients).
  5. Eat only when sitting and without distractions
  6. Grocery shop only when you are rested and not hungy

As you see in this list, even the WAY we eat can be part of our “reset” for the new year. Even if you just commit to 2 weeks of these guidelines, you will see benefits in breaking poor eating habits and making healthier choices that have the potential to carry on throughout the coming months. For more detailed plans for a diet “clean-up”, consult your health care practitioner or contact us here at IHD. We can help you find the right plan or get you to a person who can help you design one.

May 2017 be a healthy and happy new year for you all!


The Holiday Season Has Begun

Amazingly, the holiday season is already upon us. This time of year always proves to be a whirlwind of celebrations, events and time with friends and family. It also can feel overwhelming and stressful as we try to balance our every day obligations with the added commitments of the season. 

This is a great time of year to practice self care and mindfulness. Staying present, despite all that is on our to-do list can help us stay centered, grounded and enjoy the holidays even more. For a reminder on mindfulness resources and practices, check out our Facebook Posts, where you will find links to some great books and practices.

Acupuncture and Reiki are great ways to stay balanced through this hectic season. Amy will be offering a 30% discount on  Reiki or Wellness Coaching sessions throughout the holidays. Jennifer will be seeing clients for acupuncture through December 17th and will then be out of town until January 11th. If you would like to see Jennifer before her break, please call, email or schedule online. 

As always, we are so very thankful that you have included IHD in your wellness plan. We are honored to work with you and thankful to have you in our practice. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Injection Therapy

IHD is now offering injection therapy to our list of services. Injection therapy is a great way to get an extra boost of vitamins or homeopathic remedies when you have been injured, are feeling run down or when your immune system is not up to snuff. These natural substances can be administered directly into the area of pain or into a large muscle. Injection therapy has fast results because of the focused area of administration and because the body can absorb the fluid much faster than through oral administration. 

 One of the most popular homeopathic injections called Traumeel, is an arnica based anti-inflammatory that helps manager acute and chronic pain. Many people even find Traumeel as a great alternative to cortisone steroid shots for chronic pain conditions. Breaking that inflammation cycle with a natural remedy helps many people get further with their self care practices while recovering from an injury or working with a chronic pain situation. 

B12 is another very popular injection for people who are struggling with energy or who are not getting enough B12 in their diet. B12 injections have also been found to protect brain degeneration and prevent neurological diseases in those who don’t get enough in their diet or digest their food well. 

Vitamin injections start at $15 and homeopathic remedies start at $25. These can be included during an acupuncture session or administered in 15 minutes at a separate appointment. Email or call us with questions and as always, you can schedule online.