Transformation Coaching with Amy

Amy Johnson, Wellness Coach

Amy Johnson, our Reiki practitioner at Integrative Health Denver, recently became certified as a Mind, Energy, Body Transformation Coach. Amy shares the following article to help educate us about the benefits of this style of coaching. 

Mind, Body, Energy Therapy is based on the concept that healing medicine is moving towards energy based quantum physics and we can locate our own negative emotions in our body and energy system in order to transform it into positive energy. As a result, the healed energy empowers us and helps us to attract what we want in life.


“Transform pain to power and live the life you want.”

-Carolyn Eberle (Mind, Energy, Body School of Transformation Founder and Teacher)

Mind, Body, Energy Therapy is based on the idea that we can transform our own pain to power and wisdom, which will change our energy and help us attract the life we want to create, also known as manifesting.

When stress is introduced physically, mentally or emotionally, it causes resistance and disruption to the natural, orderly flow of the body’s energy system. As a result, we can become physically ill, mentally or emotionally unstable or just unhappy with our life patterns and experiences. In a session we will discuss challenges, trauma, wounds, negative patterns and identify where it is held in the body.

Negative emotions, trauma and even inherited trauma passed down through family lineage will store in your body as energy. We will identify where there may be energy blocks or negativity. Also, we will look at thought patterns, and character structures in the personality to determine where changes need to be made in order to shift the energy to a positive energy or heal past trauma.  This transformational system combines spirituality with psycho-biology and works all three systems, the mind, the energy and the body together to find balance and harmony.

An hour session is $45.00.

To schedule an appointment, contact Amy at  415-889-0474

Mind, Body, Energy Therapy  is not psychotherapy or psychiatric counseling. It is not meant to take the place of treatment for emotional and/or psychological conditions. Please contact your doctor or psychotherapist for medical advice and psychiatric care.