Welcome, Bonnie!

I would like to introduce our newest team member to IHD, Bonnie Olson. Bonnie will be seeing acupuncture patients while Jennifer is out of town, starting in mid-June. You will be able to schedule with her online and by calling the office.

Bonnie brings a background of nursing to her practice that allows her to work with both acute and chronic illness. You will see her around the office, starting in early May so that she can introduce herself to those of you who come in for appointments.  She has taken advanced clinical internships and studies in:

  • Acupuncture specialization for seniors
  • Advanced Tuina Bodywork
  • Advanced Shiatsu Bodywork
  • Sports Medicine Acupuncture
  • Five Element Acupuncture
  • Certified Qigong Instructor
  • Advanced Nutrition Revitalize Digestion
  • Advanced Mind Body Medicine
  • Dr. Tan Acupuncture Pain Treatment Method

Online appointments will no longer be available for Jennifer, but Amy and Melanie are available as usual to schedule online. Please call or email with appointment requests if you would like to be seen by Jennifer before May 11th.

Hope to see you soon and welcome to IHD, Bonnie!