Injection Therapy

IHD is now offering injection therapy to our list of services. Injection therapy is a great way to get an extra boost of vitamins or homeopathic remedies when you have been injured, are feeling run down or when your immune system is not up to snuff. These natural substances can be administered directly into the area of pain or into a large muscle. Injection therapy has fast results because of the focused area of administration and because the body can absorb the fluid much faster than through oral administration. 

 One of the most popular homeopathic injections called Traumeel, is an arnica based anti-inflammatory that helps manager acute and chronic pain. Many people even find Traumeel as a great alternative to cortisone steroid shots for chronic pain conditions. Breaking that inflammation cycle with a natural remedy helps many people get further with their self care practices while recovering from an injury or working with a chronic pain situation. 

B12 is another very popular injection for people who are struggling with energy or who are not getting enough B12 in their diet. B12 injections have also been found to protect brain degeneration and prevent neurological diseases in those who don’t get enough in their diet or digest their food well. 

Vitamin injections start at $15 and Traumeel and other homeopathic remedies start at $25. These can be included during an acupuncture session or administered in 15 minutes at a separate appointment. Email or call us with questions and as always, you can request and appointment online.