Life Coaching

Are you looking to gain wholeness, health and balance? Do you wish to empower yourself by learning to create your own life or find your life’s purpose?

A Life Coach in Integrative Wellness helps a client achieve balance in all four systems: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

It takes balance in all four systems to achieve health and wellness.

A client may find the following benefits through Life Coaching in Wellness:

  • Gain wholeness, health and balance for themselves by addressing and healing core issues and negative thought patterns
  • Find life purpose
  • Gain self-care techniques
  • Self- empowerment and connection to wholeness so any negative thought patterns or past grudges no longer hold you back
  • Clear negative blockage to allow positive transformation to come in

In a sixty- minute Life Coaching session we will address where you want to make life changes and remove any unwanted energy blockages. We will also focus on your personal action plan to meet your goals for creating the life you want! For 75 minutes, you can combine a Reiki session with Life Coaching . Contact Amy for more information at (415) 889-0474.

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