Jennifer Leonard, L.A.c, MSMBM

0028_ihWhile Jennifer has always been interested in health and medicine, she didn’t start out in Chinese Medicine. Her journey started in the emergency room as St. Agnes Hospital in South Philadelphia. Due to her eagerness to learn, her first job as a registrar quickly morphed into an ER technician runing labs, EKGs, CPR, etc. The work was hard and hours long, but she loved it – she was able to work with and help people in their most authentic and vulnerable state, and be a part of their first step to recovery of whatever they ailed from.

Except, there was a problem. Jennifer started seeing people come into the ER, get patched up and/or medicated, and sent home, only to return a few weeks or months later. While the symptoms were temporarily being addressed the underlying cause was being completely ignored.

While she does respect Western medicine, there are times when it does not act as a complete system. Therefore, Jennifer began to look at alternative health systems that focused on finding the root cause of peoples’ health problems in addition to treating the symptoms, and discovered Chinese Medicine. She received her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California, which included an internship in Chengdu, China.

Her internship exposed her to the power of how well using the two systems – East and West – can work together. A doctor in China is able to prescribe anything from medication to surgery (as commonly found in Western medicine) to acupuncture and herbs (common to Eastern medicine). Using both of these formats a Chinese doctor is able to better effectively discover the root cause of a person’s illness as well as treat the symptoms.

Jennifer has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 9 years in a variety of environments, including creating an integrative medicine and acupuncture program at Good Samaritan Hospital in Denver, working at acupuncture clinics, and as an individual practitioner.

Jennifer is licensed in both Colorado and California, and nationally by the NCCAOM. She holds a Clean Needle Technique certification, BLS/CPR trained, and has done extensive continuing education in Food as Medicine, Drug/Herb Interactions, Cancer Support Services and Kinesio Taping. 



Jennifer offers the following services: 

Kinesio Taping

Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes the following:

Acupuncture, Cupping

MoxibustionHerbal Supplementation


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