Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to promote physical, emotional, & spiritual well-being.Your aromatherapy consultation will entail several steps including; completing an aromatherapy assessment, an assessment review with your practitioner, and a customized treatment design.

The aromatherapy assessment is the intake form that the client fills out. This is a detailed form covering the client’s holistic health history, conditions, and reasons for seeking aromatherapy. Application preferences are also considered in the form. The review session with the practitioner lasts between 20–30 minutes.
Following the review, the aromatherapist creates a unique blend and product to address the client’s needs and/or intentions such as to relieve stress, eczema, or aches and pains. Products can take the form of massage oils, salves, steams, teas, sprays, diffusions, etc.

Clients are asked about their application preferences, and, if appropriate for the condition or issues, the aromatherapist will design the product and treatment regime according to those preferences.
Blends and products are designed to take into account the client’s needs and unique characteristics (e.g., skin type), his/her preferred method of application, the therapeutic attributes of both the essential oils and carrier oils, and the best method of delivery for the specific product and condition. Each product is accompanied with a detailed description of the product and directions for use.

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